A.B.A.T.E. Of The Garden State

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, a month when many states educate the motoring public on looking out for motorcycles and how to safely share the road with them.

Look Twice Sign

Does this look like a motorcycle?  There is a current bill in NJ that will have it registered as one.  Read on, find out why this is bad and see our proposed solution. [ABATE has nothing against autocycles.  Many motorcyclists have crossed over to autocycles and we think this is great.  We just believe that… [Continue Reading]

Singshot Autocyclel

It’s very confusing.  You see the placard at the pump that says this fuel “contains less than 10% ethanol.”  You hear terms like “E10,” “E15” and “blender pumps” bandied about.  You are told that this fuel is good for the environment on the one hand, but will ruin your bike and void your warranty on… [Continue Reading]



 Mission Statement

To enhance and protect the motorcyclist riding rights in New Jersey. To enhance the common good and general welfare of New Jersey’s motorcycling community by promoting education, awareness, safety concerns and to foster a general understanding by motorcyclist and motorist alike. To make our voices heard on legislation affecting riders in New Jersey on a local, state and national level by creating a united community of motorcyclists connected through our organization.  Furthermore, we address any legislation concerning motorcyclists locally, statewide or nationally. Finally, we will engage in charitable activities benefiting our organization, the motorcycle community and society at large.

Motorcycle Only Checkpoint (MOC) Bill is LAW

Our long awaited MOC bill is law!  The link below will show you a copy of the signed bill.  It may be short, but it has teeth.  Law enforcement can no longer single out a group of bikers just “because”.  Checkpoints must treat motorcycles like any other vehicle.


ABATE of the Garden State is fighting for motorcyclists’ rights on several state level issues. Most of these issues will not only help all motorcyclists, but will either directly or indirectly help all motorists.

  1. Option to proceed at unresponsive red lights.
  2. Veteran Motorcycle License Plate
  3. Continue the fight against E-15 and higher blends of Ethanol fuel.
  4. Increased penalties for right of way violations causing injury or death.
  5. Fight for increased penalties for and enforcement of distracted driving violations.
  6. Maximum utilization of motorcycle safety funding program.
  7. Promotion of driver and rider education courses and motorcycle awareness.
  8. Increased enforcement of covered load laws.
  9. Legalize multiple motorcycles per parking spot.
  10. Educated freedom of choice concerning helmet use for adults.

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