ABATE of the Garden State

List of Major Accomplishments

ABATE of the Garden State continually monitors the legislation coming out of Trenton and when necessary works with State legislators to get bills introduced that will benefit the riders of New Jersey. By the direct involvement of our members and the motorcycle riders of New Jersey, we can, and do, influence whether proposed legislation passes or fails. Grass-roots activism under the direction and leadership of ABATE is the key to these successes.

  1. Passage of the “Fair Weather Riding Act” – Allowed for inspection of motorcycles in the Spring and allowed bikes to go to the front of inspection lines (In effect until motorcycle inspections were eliminated in 2010). Passed in 1987

  2. Helped support the start of the Rolling Thunder Rally in Washington D.C. – 1987

  3. Major supporter and founding member of the “Motorcycle Riders Foundation” (MRF) in Washington D.C. – 1987

  4. Supported legislation and secured the passage of a law for removal of points from driving record for helmet violations – Passed in 1989

  5. A Rider Education bill created motorcycle safety programs in New Jersey and also a motorcycle safety advisory committee in which ABATE participated. A revenue source for the “Motorcycle Safety and Education Fund” was also created by legislation. RENJ (Rider Education of New Jersey), originally part of ABATE of the Garden State, offered the first Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses in New Jersey ( All in 1990)

  6. ABATE was instrumental in implementation of handicapped license plates for motorcycles -1992

  7. Support for motorcycle awareness by car and truck drivers resulted in the month of May being designated as “Motorcycle Awareness Month” by NJ Legislature. (Proclamation enacted in August 2007 [Joint Resolution 9])

  8. Reduction in amount of motorcycle registration fee increase. Fee would have been raised to $87.50 per year, per motorcycle under a proposal by the NJ MVC but ABATE was successful in holding it to $65.00 (2010)

  9. Law to allow Sunday sales of motorcycles – supported by ABATE and approved by legislation. (Passed in 2011)

  10. Supported passage of law to increase fines and penalties for distracted driving (Passed in 2012)

  11. Support and passage of the law to increase fines and penalties for driving in left lane except to pass(2013)

  12. Participating in the continuing effort against the sale and usage of harmful E15 (or higher) blends of Ethanol fuel in NJ – Ongoing

  13. Original initiation and support for the bill to create Veterans motorcycle license plates (Currently pending in the NJ legislature and expected to become law in 2015.)

  14. Original initiation and support for the passage of a law banning motorcycle-only checkpoints in New Jersey. (Passed in the NJ legislature and signed into law in March, 2015.)