Great News for NJ Veterans Who Ride

ABATE of the Garden State has been trying for almost 10 years to get a license plate for our military veterans who ride motorcycles. There are several options available for cars and trucks but there has never been a veteran plate for motorcycles. Well, it has finally happened!

NJ Veteran License Plate Bill Passes Senate and Assembly

On Thursday, June 22, 2017 the Senate and the Assembly voted unanimously to pass Senate Bill No. 1750, and Assembly Bill No. 2729 to create a Veteran license plate for motorcycles.  This establishes “U.S. VET” plates for any honorably discharged Veteran.  There will be an annual $10 charge for these plates and all monies collected […]

Bike Week in Wildwood

Members of ABATE of the Garden State attend Bike Week in Wildwood, NJ.  They set up a booth to distribute information and awareness materials.

Autocycle Update

On June 6th, Frank Maimone and Bill Downs of ABATE of the Garden State testified before the State Assembly Transportation Committee in Trenton on A2696. This bill would register autocycles as motorcycles and create a set of exceptions to the current motorcycle statutes in New Jersey.

Brain Injury Alliance Awareness Event

As we all know, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.  This past May, the Brain Injury Alliance held a Motorcycle Awareness event at Monmouth University.

NJ Veteran Plates for Motorcycles

New Jersey has so many great special license plates to honor all sorts of things from the Battleship USS New Jersey, to alumni organizations to even amateur (Ham) radio operators. Of course we have a wide array of military recognition license plates, including one recognizing our veterans, in this great state of ours.  Then why […]

An Autocycle is not a Motorcycle

Does this look like a motorcycle?  There is a current bill in NJ that will have it registered as one.  Read on, find out why this is bad and see our proposed solution. [ABATE has nothing against autocycles.  Many motorcyclists have crossed over to autocycles and we think this is great.  We just believe that […]

Motorcycle-only Checkpoint Bill Legislative Report June 24, 2014

Of course the big news is the passage by the General Assembly yesterday (6/23) of A2316, the Motorcycle-only Checkpoint bill. This bill, when passed, will prevent any law enforcement agency in the State from conducting a checkpoint or systematic inspection on any public roadway in New Jersey which includes only motorcycles. We have some good […]

Motorcycle related NJ Senate Bills 2012-2013

These Bills are directly related to motorcycles.  They may still have other vehicle applications.

Motorcycle Self Inspection Law In NJ

Effective August 1, 2010, motorcycles are no longer required to submit for an inspection in New Jersey and display registration decals. Registration decals will no longer be issued. Decals may be removed from license plates. Riders should keep in mind that it is their responsibility to make sure their motorcycles are free from mechanical defects […]